Why Windows is FREE Now

It wasn’t too long ago that if you were building or upgrading a PC, you have to fork over some handsome cash for a copy of Windows. If you didn’t you either couldn’t get a legal copy at all, or your operating system would simply stop working after 30 days.

But today Microsoft lets people use it completely for free, even though they officially ended their program to let people with legal copies of Windows, 7 or 8 upgrade to Windows 10 for free, many users have reported the free upgrade still works, and on top of that, even If you just download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website and you don’t pay for a key, the OS will still work.

Just fine, I mean sure you get that annoying activate Windows. Watermark you can’t change. The system color scheme and it’s, a little trickier to pick your wallpaper, but other than that. You get the same features as you would had.

You paid all that money and there’s, still even a loophole that allows you to upgrade pirated versions of Windows 8 to Windows 10. So why is Microsoft suddenly giving out one of the most popular products like candy? Well, it definitely isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts.

You see. Historically speaking, people were often rather slow to operate to new editions of Windows. There were exceptions such as the long lines we saw when Windows 95 was first released and the hype around Windows XP, but for much of the 2000s people simply put off expensive upgrades.

No wonder, then, that Microsoft decided it was much more important to get people on to Windows 10 rather than squeezing every dollar they could out of them up front, especially as Microsoft reviews Windows 10, as its last version of Windows and plans to update it regularly.

Instead of releasing an entirely new edition every year or two okay, but then how is Microsoft? Making money off of Windows then? Well, although it is giving out tons of free software, far more people are using computers today than they did when Windows 95 was taking over the world, so Microsoft is kind of monetizing in a similar way to game developers who use a free-to-play model.

Think about it. Microsoft heavily pushes apps from the virtual Microsoft Store accessible from the Windows desktop where similar to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Microsoft gets a cut of every purchase made.

Additionally, Microsoft is trying to get people into their whole ecosystem, rather than just having them use the OS. For example, let’s say you’re using Windows 10 for your desktop PC, and you decide to leverage Microsoft’s.

Built-In onedrive cloud storage solution, although you get a certain amount of storage for free Microsoft, tries to sell users more so then, when it’s time for you to buy a tablet, for example, the idea is that you be more likely to buy a Microsoft, Surface and use onedrive seamlessly on it rather than choose, say an iPad.

There are other subtle ways that Microsoft keeps the cash coming in. If you search with a search bar near the bottom of your screen, it uses Microsoft’s. Bing search engine which helps bolster its market share and make it more appealing to advertisers and Microsoft, also serves ads inside of Windows 10, especially for its own products such as office 365 subscriptions.

If you need more functionality than what the free office apps provide and Microsoft still does make money from selling licenses, of course, oh em said make pre-built computers and larger organizations that want to deploy Windows on many computers.

They still pay for copies and, of course, home PC builders are still shelling out money to to get rid of that annoying watermark. But overall it looks like this. Freemium Windows model is here to stay.

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