Why Wi-Fi 6 Will CHANGE Gaming

If you’re a gamer, it seems like every new piece attack on the PC market is trying to capture your attention from graphics cards with ever so slightly higher boost clocks to headset stands tricked out with RGB lighting, oh so cool, but one of The latest things you might want to actually pay attention to is Wi-Fi six, also known as 802 11 a X, which our friends at Intel asked us to talk about today.

Now we’ve, already done a article explaining Wi-Fi 6, more generally, which you can check out right up there, but today we’re, going to specifically talk about how it can benefit gamers, who don’t want to be Tethered down by an Ethernet connection, figuratively and literally speed is one of the most obvious improvements of Wi-Fi 6 over previous generations of Wi-Fi the theoretical max bandwidth of a typical 2×2 connection is 2.

4 gigabits per second, which is about three times as fast as the previous Generation, however, real-world speeds won’t, be that high somewhere around one and a half gigabits per second might be more realistic and, of course, you’re gon na be limited by.

However fast. Your internet connection is anyway, unless you’re playing on a wireless LAN, but the real benefit for gamers isn’t, just the extra speed to download large games, but also how Wi-Fi 6 handles having multiple devices on the same network.

At once, as well as improvements to latency and responsiveness, it’s like Wi-Fi, took caffeine pills. You see, Wi-Fi 6 supports an updated version of a feature called mu-mimo and no it’s, not a Pokemon, although it may not seem like it.

A router without mu-mimo can only communicate with one device at a time, meaning all the other devices on your network have to wait their turn and while it isn’t exactly a long wait, it can still make a difference, especially if that devices parents Didn’t teach it to be patient.

Mu-Mimo gets rid of this bottleneck by allowing your router to communicate with multiple devices at once and with Wi-Fi 6 up to 8 devices on a network and take advantage of this capability up from the 4 devices supported by wave two versions of Wi-Fi 5 and it’s, cousin, Wi-Fi 555 and because Wi-Fi 6 will support upstream and downstream data transfer simultaneously on all eight devices.

Laggy game behavior, caused by your PC, having to wait for a slice of upstream time, should be reduced, especially if someone else on your at work is engaged in some kind of bandwidth. Heavy activity like uploading every article they’ve, taken of their cat because there aren’t enough cat articles on the Internet.

Karen another helpful feature is called OFDM a and, although that’s, a mouthful, the way it works is actually really cool and totally legal. Do you know, do you know how your Wi-Fi network lives on a single channel? Well, what oh D F MA does is, instead of just using the whole channel to talk to just one device, it divvies up the channel into smaller sub channels, so that data can be transferred to multiple devices at one time.

The way the channels are chopped up depends on the needs of each device. So if your gaming pieces of data that need to be sent to or from your PC quickly to prevent lag, enos can be prioritized over another user, whose workload isn’t.

As latency dependent such as a large file download, so the bottom line for gamers is fewer dropped, frames and more reliable connections that will keep you from lagging out or getting fragged. If you’re, not playing over a wired connection and with cloud-based gaming services like PlayStation now and Google stadia on the rise, having a connection you can count on will become even more important if you’re planning to game without an Expensive rig or console, unfortunately, Wi-Fi 6 will likely require you to buy new devices, both a router and the wireless adapter or motherboard that support the new protocol.

However, if you’re tired of tripping over Ethernet cables, when you have to run to the bathroom while you queue for a match, the extra cost might just be worth it. Speaking of being worth it. Our sponsor Intel check out Intel’s guide to picking the best gaming laptop in 2019, with so many options on the market.

Choosing the right gaming laptop can seem like a challenge, but Intel’s guide, makes it easier, learn all about important specifications features you should be looking for and why they matter, plus, you can check out a variety of recommended models that the folks at Intel have chosen specifically to help you get a great mobile gaming experience, read the full article or get the latest news from Intel experts at the links below.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for watching guys, like the article dislike the article. Whatever floats your boat check out our other articles and comment below with article suggestions, if that’s, also, what floats your boat more than one thing can float someone’s boat;

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