Why THIS New TV Matters! (Mini LED Explained)

Many versions of things have historically proven to be pretty popular. The iPod mini mini-muffins mini me, but a new one, called mini LED, could have a big-time effect on the way we watch TV or use our computers.

But before we go any further, you guys got to know that mini LED is not the same thing as micro LED, they are completely separate. Micro is also cool, and you can learn more about it right up here, but mini is the one that you might actually be able to get your hands on for an affordable price in the near future.

As for why it matters well, it first helps to understand how it relates to other kinds of TV technology. If you & # 39, ve ever been to a big-box store and seen how striking OLED TVs are next to non OLED models.

The difference is due to the fact that oh let’s, have a very high contrast ratio, because individual pixels can be turned completely off. Producing deep blacks without light bleed from nearby bright objects.

Non OLED TVs, on the other hand, rely on backlighting. That is always turned on to create images. Then an LCD layer in front of the backlight selectively blocks the light in different areas of the screen, but it can’t block the light completely meaning that blacks can end up.

Looking closer to gray, to improve this LCDs use a trick to improve their contrast, called local dimming. The idea is that the backlight can selectively dim or even switch off in certain areas of a screen where the image is dark or black and local dimming can definitely help, but it is far from a perfect solution.

You see, TVs that have this feature typically have their backlight split into zones that dim or turn off as a group, but for the effect to work. Well, you need lots and lots of zones which means lots of LEDs, adding cost heat and power consumption.

That’s, where many LEDs come in. Thanks to some recent technological advances, LEDs have not only become more efficient, but also smaller, which is exactly the idea behind a mini LED display. Many LEDs are often less than a tenth of a millimeter across meaning that you can fit many more of them in the back light layer of a TV allowing much smaller zones of in control.

To put this in context, a traditional local dimming TV from the last couple of years might have dozens or maybe a few hundreds of zones, while these recently released may LED displays from a Seuss and TCL have about 1,000 individual zones.

This should help them do a much better job of preventing that blooming effect that you sometimes see with local dimming, where bright objects in a dark scene. Have this aura or halo glowing around them, because the zone that’s lighting, the bright object is simply too large to be confined to the area where it & # 39.

S supposed to be, of course, mini LED, is a newer technology right now. So you can expect to pay more for it, but it’s well, positioned to be more affordable than OLED, especially after the early adopter tax wears off and with micro LED being quite a ways off from hitting the mass consumer market due to high Costs and manufacturing complexity mini LED, looks to be an appealing option to tide us over until then.

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Why THIS New TV Matters! (Mini LED Explained)

Many versions of things have historically proven to be pretty popular. The iPod mini mini-muffins mini me, but a new one, called mini LED,...

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