Why Is SMS Texting Still Popular?

Although there are myriad ways to stay in touch with a smartphone texting via a short message, service or SMS is still ubiquitous. If you have a cell phone, you can use SMS, but why is that still the case today? I mean think about how many apps you have that use data connections and offer such a more feature-rich experience there’s, whatsapp snapchat facebook Messenger.

Yet, despite being an antiquated system, SMS is still as common among smartphone users of say, Starbucks in New York City. So the question is why first off smart phones support SMS natively. Even if you’re still using older flip phone, you can stay in touch so for mass mass there’s, no need to download an app and go through all the rigmarole of registering for an account with some social media platform and Wearing if the person you want to contact is also on that same platform, if you have a phone number, you have SMS.

That makes it very easy to reach out to someone, regardless of what their other messenger app or phone maker of choice may be. This has continued to make SMS popular as a quick way to reach out to new friends and colleagues, as well as with older generations, who prefer the simplicity of texting over having multiple social media connected messenger accounts with extra fancy features.

Wow SMS is also very cheap. At least, if you’re in the US where data can get expensive, although if you’re old, like me, you might remember the days when flip phones ruled the world and you only have so many texts per month included in your Plan, lest you reap the anger of your parents, for sending five hundred texts to your BFF Jill, an increasing number of carriers are offering unlimited texting that won’t chew through your data allowance.

This also means in some ways SMS can be more reliable than other messaging apps. Although you need a data connection to use GroupMe or Google. Hangouts SMS only needs a basic cell connection. So if you’re in an area with limited service, SMS may be your only option for staying in touch other than making an actual phone call.

Who does that, although trying to send photos and articles over MMS, which is built on top of the SMS standard, is slower than other apps? It is still a viable option and since SMS works over a standard cell connection, it & # 39.

S actually been around. In some form or another since the early 1990s, and now we’re in the 20s, meaning that it’s very entrenched with around five billion users worldwide. It has far far more adoption than even the most popular data based messenger services.

This wide adoption has also made SMS very popular with businesses, so, for example, think about how they provide short, five digit codes at sporting events, to make it easy to report that drunk guy who just won’t sit down or how airlines use SMS To quickly send updates on whether your flight is delayed without you having to download any kind of additional app.

Of course, the fact that SMS is a great fallback option for communication, doesn’t mean that itself, doesn’t have serious limitations. However, there is a movement afoot to bring SMS into the modern age, with a protocol called rich communication services or RCS.

You can learn more about it up here, but basically it’s, going to use a data link to provide additional features like faster speeds and read receipts and notifications when someone else is in the middle of typing kind of like iMessage for Android, but Supported by individual carriers, instead of one hardware manufacturer, however bare bones, basic SMS will probably be sticking around for a while as a trusty backup.

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