Why Do Smartphones Have Two Cameras?

Thanks for watching tech, quickie click, the subscribe button then enable notifications with the Bell icon. So you won’t miss any future articles. It seemed like we were all just getting used to phones with high resolution cameras on them as a mundane trapping of everyday life when suddenly smartphones with not one but two cameras started appearing everywhere.

And although it may be surprising to learn that the first dual camera smartphone showed up all the way back in 2011, they didn’t experience an explosion in popularity until recently. But why well? There is actual utility to having more than one lens on the back of your smartphone, unlike some other marketing gimmicks that try to draw you in with larger and larger numbers.

So one of the most common reasons for that second camera is to give the user telephoto functionality, and that is basically exactly what it sounds like a telephoto lens allows the photographer to zoom in on something that is further off in the distance you see, although you Can probably like pinch to zoom on your single lens smartphone, it’s.

Actually, all things: what’s really happening? Is that the logic inside your phone is just enlarging whatever image was already being picked up by the sensor. This is called digital zoom and it basically shouldn’t, be used at all just take the original photo and crop it later.

If you need to, it is pretty much the same thing, so a telephoto lens with a longer focal length can overcome this problem, especially as it’s, difficult to build lenses that can optical zoom, that is to say they can be close in and Far away on the fly into a smartphone, that is, unless you don & # 39, t care about being able to carry it around in your pocket.

So this regular lens plus telephoto setup is common on flagship phones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, but some manufacturers actually go the other way and include a wide-angle lens on the secondary camera.

Instead, you can actually learn a lot more about wide-angle lenses up here, but in a nutshell, instead of being built for getting a look at distant objects, wide-angle lenses allow you to take in more of a scene overall, so it’s great.

If you want to get a dramatic photo of a valley or cityscape, you know your friends into a selfie or upload a pic of your apartment to Airbnb. That makes it look much more spacious than it actually is.

Now still other phones put a monochrome sensor into their second camera meaning, but you can shoot in black and white. Wait hold on what’s. The point of that, when it takes about two seconds to apply a filter that will convert a color image to black and white.

Ah, yes, well: black and white sensors tend to have better sensitivity to light than color ones, meaning that they perform better in low-light scenarios and can produce images with less noise. Now, although many modern smartphones allow you to use the monochrome camera on its own to just take black and white photos, what’s more interesting is the fact that these phones can take image data from the color sensor and the black and white sensor And then combine them to make a sharper looking color image than what you’d, get with just the color sensor alone, Huawei’s.

Current lineup is notable for having this feature, and this image combining functionality is not limited to phones with monochrome cameras either. Other phones that have lenses of two different focal lengths as we discussed, can actually work them together to sense depth allowing for a blurry background, depth of field or bokeh effect to be applied in software post-processing.

And while this effect is not as good as you’d, get with a larger standalone camera with a bigger sensor, it can still look pretty good in a pinch for a carry everywhere. All the time device do. Keep in mind, though, that through all of this, there are trade-offs.

Typically, the second camera, no phone will be of lower quality, and none of this functionality makes your phone a substitute for a higher-end, point-and-shoot or DSLR, which you can learn more about right up there.

Even so, it is cool to see smartphones becoming more and more versatile when it comes to snapping photos, especially if you don’t want to lug around bulky equipment in your quest to become Instagram famous today’s, articles brought to you By the math drops Sennheiser HD 6 xx headphones.

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