The World’s First 300hz GAMING Laptop


If you had a 120 or a 144 Hertz machine and we’re looking for an upgrade, there’d be no reason to go out in search of a 240 Hertz display, if you can get a 300 Hertz one for the same price. Something to keep in mind is that if you’re upgrading from an older laptop, you’re getting more than just a higher refresh rate. Back in the 120 and 144 Hertz refresh rate days, it was typical to see anywhere from 7 milliseconds on Asus’s older 144 ‘s all the way up┬áto 25 milliseconds on some of the worst 120 hertz panels. In terms of pixel response time by comparison we’re looking at 3 milliseconds here, which means that even at lower frame rates you can expect better clarity on objects that are moving around on the screen.

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