The New Surface Lineup Looks AMAZING

Microsoft Surface event just went down and they drop some really cool stuff. It actually makes me feel like Microsoft is in the front. Like they’re the leaders right now of companies making actually innovative and practical stuff that people would want and would use.

I will start off with the two kinds of surprise products. They have the Microsoft Surface Neo and the Surface Duo. Both are dual screen devices. They’re not foldable screens but just two screens attached with the hinge, but they look awesome.

Microsoft Surface Neo and the Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Neo and the Surface Duo

The Neo is a foldable tablet. The Duo is a foldable phone, and the hardware looks incredibly well done. It’s thin, it’s super portable. It looks good when it’s closed. It looks good when it’s open. They’ve done an excellent job with the aesthetics and that’s really important for this type of product.

We’ve seen devices before that could fold. I’m not talking about like the Galaxy Fold, but we’ve seen devices that had two screens that could fold shut. This is the first one that looked so clean and so nice. And that’s one of the reasons why we are interested. Because it looks so good now. When they showed usage scenario, they did a good job with it. Like when you look at how that person was using it, it looked practical. It’s obviously not for everyone, but I think many people look at that usage scenario.

It’s kind of contrast to what Samsung’s Galaxy Fold event was. Where they had a guy that was trying to convey the use of multitasking, but just felt a little contrived. The surface new usage actually looks legit. Now app developers will have to spend the time and effort to create compelling apps for a dual screen like this. But I think it can be done and I think this product is going to be cool.

Surface laptops
Surface laptops

Okay, moving on to the Surface laptops. They announced a new 13-inch and a new 15-inch device. They both run USB-C, but the thing that’s most interesting to me and for many people is the fact that the 15-inch model runs and AMD chip.

So they claimed that that 15-inch AMD based laptop is running the fastest or most powerful laptop CPU in its class. And there’s some truth to that. It’s just that the class that they’re talking about has to be very small, because that chip in there is still a 4 core CPU. Both the Ryzen 5 and the Ryzen 7 of the offer are good CPUs, but they’re not like super powerful. Understand that even stuff like the MacBook Pro, like the 15-inch one and stuff like the Razer Blade 15, they’re, bigger and heavier laptops, but they are more powerful. The 15 inch surface laptop is a kind of in a class of its own. It’s got a 15-inch screen, but it’s super lightweight.

I also love the fact that it’s got this removable keyboard deck and a removable SSD, so people can upgrade the drives in their systems, which is so much nicer than what Apple offers. Even what the Surface laptops from the previous years have been. Like, repairability, modularity, it’s a nice thing. They also have fast charging on the surface laptops this year, so 80% in an hour which is a lot faster than the current surface laptop. These take almost three hours for a full charge.

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X

The Surface Pro products, Surface Pro 7, been updated especially the USB-C, but nothing super special there. The product of most interests me of this entire lineup, definitely Surface Pro X. This is a product that is entirely focused on energy efficiency. It’s running these ARM chips that are much lower wattage, yet still provide decent performance. And because of the Energy efficiency, it can be super thin. It can have a small battery while still having a 22 hour battery life, doesn’t need a fan, doesn’t need a huge heat-sink. It can do a lot of stuff that the regular Surface Pro can’t do, just because of its energy efficiency. And they built the entire product around that.

It’s got a really slim pen that fits into the type cover. I think for many people this is a perfect product. If you’ve been someone that’s tried to replace your laptop with an iPad, but it’s just you couldn’t get that workflow to go nicely because you just were too depended on having like a file system and stuff like that. This could be it, just because that it runs Windows 10, and it even runs a binary translator so that a lot of Windows applications will be able to run off of this ARM processor.

I think it’s a really cool product and I’m just really curious to see what this thing looks like and feels when it actually comes out. This is one of the most interesting events that I’ve seen a tech company drop in 2019, actually in in many years.

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