The MYSTERY Chinese CPU Explained

There are only two options for desktop and laptop CPUs AMD or Intel right wrong or at least sort of wrong. You see it wasn’t too long ago that in China there were factories churning out x86 compatible CPUs that weren’t.

Actually made by either of those companies but hold on a second, everyone loves importing Chinese made goods on the cheap. So why didn’t? We see them on store shelves all over the world to get to the bottom of this, we called in a few favors, so massive shout outs to doctor cut rest from a non tech Wendell from level one techs and drew Prairie for their help.

Unraveling this here’s. What happened back in 2015 AMD had not released their blockbuster rise in series of processors yet and was struggling financially in a big way. They identified a demand for a CPU that was specifically designed for the Chinese market and Chinese government entities, but they needed to jump through some hoops in order to take advantage of it.

So AMD formed a joint venture with a Chinese investment consortium called pathetic and while the joint venture was partially owned by AMD, it operated separately to a large extent, now, of course, to build the next 86 CPU.

You need a lot of expertise and AMD wasn’t going to just give away all of its secrets to how it designed its processors, so instead AMD provided the joint venture with portions of its intellectual property that allowed it to build processors based on Existing AMD core designs and make changes only to things like the processors, input/output controls or i/o, as well as cryptographic engines, possibly due to a desire of the Chinese government for added security.

The resulting chips were primarily designed for the server market and even though they started turning up months before AMD, actually launched any Zen based CPUs under their own brand. It turns out that they’re quite comparable to first generation epic processors and are even pin-compatible with epic motherboards found in other countries, but then hold on a sec.

If AMD went to the trouble of starting up a joint venture in China. Does this mean that you might see Chinese CPUs, be I’m, a real alternative to the market dominance of Intel and AMD proper? Well, right now that doesn’t, look too likely the performance isn’t any better, and there aren’t any additional features on these Chinese chips that would make them appealing to a customer overseas.

Furthermore, all AMD ever really gave the joint venture was the rights to use a core based around the first generation of Zen and nothing beyond that, and although AMD earned a good chunk of money from the joint venture, it was the broader release of Rison and epic.

That really helped turn the company’s fortunes around. In fact, the same AMD and Intel chips that you find in other countries can still be bought in China, so it isn’t, as if there’s, a glaring need for a third source of CPUs, and it also appears that the Joint venture might be inactive by this point anyway, so not only has AMD not given the joint venture, any Zen Designs past the first generation.

The Chinese chip maker is now on the US government entity list, meaning that the joint venture can’t. Do business with US companies sell to any other entity on the list or receive technology from American firms? So there are a number of these chips out in the wild currently, but it is unlikely that they’re, making any more, of course, with AMD.

Writing itself, with the success of rise in an epoch, this isn’t exactly a huge loss for them. So I wouldn’t, anticipate tons of x86 chips from other companies any time soon, but even though the chips are only a few years old, they’re already a collector’s item.

If you can somehow find a way to get your hands on one, just don’t expect it to make your PC any faster. It’s, affordable to fix or upgrade your consoles with. I fix its parts and tools. Even the Nintendo switch they’ve got all the parts you need to replace and make it run like new fix that drift on your joy con install a new battery, even replace your fans, just go to ifixit.

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You could save money that way too, but I always say why not both so thanks for watching guys like dislike check out our other articles make sure you’re subscribed, so you don’t miss any future fast as possible.

Maybe leave us a comment. What would you do with one of these Chinese CPUs make like a sweet chain like you, like geek swag,

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