[RANT] Why Phone Roaming SUCKS

You know what really boils my peanuts. I can’t, take a trip anywhere without being charged where the Sun don’t shine with roaming fees, even though calling home or sending a text is an incredibly trivial matter from a technical perspective.

I mean I can hop on Facebook Messenger right now. I have a voice conversation with my homeboy in Italy for absolutely no additional charge zero. But if I flew to Rome and try to use my data connection, I’d, get a bill that might make my mortgage payment look like chump change seriously.

A few years ago, a guy traveling to Mexico on business got a bill of over two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars just for streaming a hockey game. What possible reason could your carrier have for charging so much? Okay, so get this, even though the bill you get might have the name of your home wireless carrier on it.

The responsibility for this kind of price gouging, ultimately lies with whatever foreign carrier owns the network that you were using, and it used to be the case that the logistics of providing roaming service were a little more difficult for mobile carriers during the earlier part of the 2000S, it was difficult for them to track just how many minutes or how much data was being used as communication between networks wasn’t very good.

So these logistical issues made it a lot more tempting for mobile carriers to try and recoup any losses by jacking up prices. But these days improvements in technology have made it such that is really easy for mobile networks in Australia to talk to one in the US.

For example, when someone travels between the two countries, so why are we still paying so much part of the issue is the way deals are done between providers from different countries. You see if you use a major carrier in your home country, they probably have dozens or even hundreds of contracts in place with foreign providers.

These are all negotiated individually and, although it doesn & # 39, t cost very much more to connect a call across the world than it does in the same city. Foreign carriers have no incentive to charge reasonable prices to folks who are roaming and the home carrier.

Doesn’t want to make it super cheap to roam on their own networks, as a foreign carrier could then swoop in and undercut them potentially siphoning off the local customers. For example, if a US carrier was able to offer extremely roaming across the border.

In Canada, a Canadian user might just buy a u.s. cell service and permanently roam in Canada on a Canadian company cell towers making matters worse, many countries only have a very small handful of major carriers servicing them think about how the u.

s. mobile market is essentially a Four way: dance between Verizon Sprint AT & amp, T and t-mobile. This means that when a carrier picks an out of country roaming partner, they may only have one or two choices: making it difficult to negotiate a good deal for the home country’s.

Customers and unlike at home, where you can pick between at least two or three providers, you’re, just gon na automatically connect to whoever the foreign partner network is when your plane lands abroad.

So there’s, no consumer choice. When you’re roaming overseas, the result is that your home carrier gets charged a huge amount for access to the foreign networks, even though the actual cost that the foreign carrier has to bear.

Isn’t very high and, of course, that gets passed on to us the hapless, consumers and because carriers view international roaming as a luxury that’s more often used by business customers. Who will just have their company foot the bill? It’s, hard to see them, cutting us a break anytime soon.

Now, of course, there are certain ways around this. If you have access to Wi-Fi where you’re going, you could just make a voice over IP calls over like whatsapp or the after mentioned Facebook messenger or you could offer buying a local or travellers SIM card or even a cheap pay-as-you-go phone.

Alternatively, many major carriers offer temporary travel packages that will give you limited access overseas at much more reasonable rates and in all cases, you’re trading in the convenience of having your phone simply work as soon as you get through customs for not having To pay a freaking kidney just to check Twitter.

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