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Okay, so, first off, we should probably clarify that we can’t possibly cover every product. Google has ever killed off, even if we tried, we probably miss one as they & # 39. Ve asked around 200 products and services over the years and the name of the channel is tech.

Quickie, not tech, lengthy one of Google’s earliest and most interesting offerings to get kiboshed, though, was Google Answers, launched all the way back in 2001. The idea was actually to get curated answers to both tech and general knowledge.

Questions by Google staffers, instead of just any bozo with a keyboard and an internet connection. There’s. Lots of those, although it was initially free, Google, later started charging a small fee for the service, which was then split between Google and the researchers themselves, and users could even leave a tip for the staffer that answered their question.

Google Answers ended up gaining a cult following, and I think most of us would agree. It was far better than getting answers from some Yahoo get it. Unfortunately, the user base was just never all that big, and while one of Google’s, public missions is to provide information.

They decided there were easier ways to do it than by employing a team of trivia experts. The shutdown answers in 2006, though a second free iteration, continued operating until 2014 in countries whose websites weren’t well indexed by Google moving on did you know that YouTube wasn’t Google’s first foray into article hosting Back in 2005, Google launched the simply named Google article, which was originally designed to be a repository of searchable article, that anyone could use especially useful as they offered unlimited length downloads.

At a time when YouTube articles were limited to only 15 minutes, they even started selling downloads of major motion pictures in 2009. Now by this point, Google had already acquired YouTube and the company’s.

Other separate article hosting service became largely redundant Plus Google. Video had more of a reputation for hosting academic and instructional articles, rather than the wide variety of content YouTube was offering, so Google Videos catalog, was merged into YouTube and Google Video was shut down in 2012, but now let’s.

Talk about some of Google’s failed hardware offering starting with the Nexus Q from 2012, which was undoubtedly a cool-looking piece of kit that bore a passing resemblance to an echo spot. Just without a screen.

It was a streaming media player that could send article from Google Play or YouTube to a connected TV or play audio from Google Play over speakers connected via a built-in amplifier okay. So it was like an early smart TV, dongle or Nvidia shield with super basic functionality.

Sounds pretty reasonable right here was a catch. It was $ 300. Many reviewers also realized quickly that the Nexus Q’s. Companion app was quite buggy, although it had some premium features like banana plug connectors and an amplifier that sounded pretty darn good.

The Nexus Q never actually went on sale to the public and was later replaced by the much more sensibly priced chromecast. It was $ 35 last up in today’s. Episode is a gadget that probably wasn’t as good as the smart phone camera.

You’ve got in your pocket right now, but it cost a pretty penny. Google clips introduced in 2018. This was a miniature camera, whose main appeal was that it used Google built artificial intelligence to know when something interesting happened in front of it.

The camera would then automatically start recording whatever goings on, were in progress and save them to a wirelessly connected phone. Of course, the immediately obvious problem here is that the clips camera didn’t exactly have the same opinions as a human on what qualified as interesting content, not to mention it was pretty limited in terms of recording capability.

It couldn’t capture audio, it only recorded 15 frames per second and the lens couldn’t move around on its own plus. You had to put it a few feet in front of a space where you already expected something interesting to happen and a 250 bucks.

It was hard to see how this was better than just busting out a phone yourself and hitting record so it wasn’t surprising when Google stopped selling the clips camera in October 2019. That was a month ago at the time of filming.

So is there another obscure or not so obscure, Google product? You want us to cover in a future episode. Let us know in the comments, even if it’s not quite dead, yet it could be only mostly dead. Is your brain mostly dead, revitalize it with brilliant? You see effect learning is active, not passive.

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Do it. Brilliant is really useful if you’re in a stem course, but they also have courses for storytelling code. Writing all with interactive challenges and problems to solve. One course you should definitely check out is search engines ever wondered how Google can answer your question in just a fraction of a second, even though there are billions of websites for it to search through learn how that all works with hands on problems.

Brilliant elevates you to be your best thoughtful self, so check it out. As the first 200 people who head to brilliant org, slash tech wiki will get 20 % off their annual premium. Subscription wowza check it out at the link below well that’s.

It for this article guys, thanks for watching, like the article dislike the article, what you follow your heart. You know check out our other articles and comment below with article suggestions. If you have them, and also don & # 39, t forget to subscribe and follow us there’s.

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