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Is Apple KILLING the Game Console?!

Is Apple KILLING the Game Console!?

Tuesday Apple rolled out their brand new iPhone 11, along with updates to the Apple Watch, and to a brand new entry-level iPad, but they also finally detailed their upcoming gaming service Apple Arcade.

Now, all this got me thinking our game consoles about to become obsolete. Is the Apple TV about to destroy your PlayStation 5? Is the iPhone 13 going to replace your switch?

I think gaming is changing in a very different way than it has in the past. And by different I mean complicated, because it literally seems like everyone is coming up with a different strategy on how to tackle this next generation.

So, first, you’ve got the hardware. There are traditional consoles and PCs, on one side there’s, also cloud gaming on the other. On top of that, you’ve got the games themselves, while Sony and Valve are perfectly happy to sell you full price game downloads. Companies like Apple and Microsoft, are leaning into a subscription model.

Xbox Game Pass is a similar concept. You get a pretty solid selection of downloadable games, including pretty much all of their first party titles. Such as Gears and Forza for the Xbox and PC, and you also get Xbox Live, bundled and for $15 and a train horn a month.

Yes, a train horn a month sounds expensive. However, then there are companies like EA and Nvidia who are offering game streaming subscriptions. The idea is that you can play games for some monthly price. Pretty much any device that supports a controller or mouse and keyboard as long as you have the internet speed to support it.

Now, on top of all of this, there’s Google, with their Stadia Project, with what looks to be the best streaming game feature that you have to purchase individually.

So, instead of paying some subscription fee, you have to pay, to buy each game which then you can stream. It’s just a huge mess right? And that’s really one of my major sort of issues with how gaming is going right now. There are streaming games, there are purchased games, there are game subscriptions which can be either streamed or purchase or played natively.

Then there are exclusive games for, say: Apple devices. There are Xbox exclusives, plenty of other mobile exclusives. And some games that play on Steam. We’re going on a huge tangent here.

The real losers here are traditional consoles. In my opinion, was the looming threat of tariffs, threatening to make this high-end hardware even more expensive. I can see a future where people only play the Triple A games of the world on console and pretty much everything else is either using the cloud or on mobile.

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