iPhone 11 Pro – The Cycle Ends

I’ve been using the iPhone 11 Pro for four or five days and the early reviews are very accurate. The camera on this phone is shockingly good. It’s weird that they went from the 10s camera to this. The jump in both low-light photography and regular photography is a huge gap. It’s just a testament of how good their software team is. The computational photography that’s going on in here is amazing. I will not say that they’re the first people to do it. Google has been using night sight and all the other companies like Samsung, Huawei.

They’ve been shooting great low-light photography for a year or maybe more. But the 11 pro does it in an incredibly intuitive way. I would consider this to be the best camera on the market right now for just overall software, hardware and just ease of use. The simplicity of this camera system, is really one of its best features for the average person. I gave this Phone to my mom; She could shoot low-light photos without any kind of menu navigation. The camera is so good and also how they use the different lenses in the live preview. You can actually see the other focal lengths.

So the camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro is banging and this whole device just feels so fluid, and just so well done. In fact, you can run it on the iPhone SE, like a three and a half year old phone at this point. It’s awesome. But the hardware on this phone still feels so lackluster for 2019.

I like the camera, it’s a winner. But the overall package, just isn’t doing it for me. I like their phones, it’s just when you have access to stuff like 90 Hertz screens and universal charging, it’s hard to appreciate what this phone offers for a thousand dollars, despite the class-leading camera.

Now, the thing that sucks about this whole thing is that I feel like Apple purposely does this. We’re in third year of Apple’s three-year product cycle. They do this with their phones and they currently do this with their laptops.

It seems where they bring out a new model on the first year, they kind of tweak it on the second year and then they tweak it again in the third year. So this third year. The third year of notched iPhone shape. It’s the hardest year for Apple to market a product. The device has been out for three years.

It doesn’t look fresh and new. So they got to do some stuff to push these devices a little more aggressively. But good computational photography isn’t new. It’s just new to the iPhone and when I say feel like they do it on purpose.

You know Apple is a trillion dollar company. If they want to, they could implement all this stuff in just one year. They could have great computational photography and high refresh OLED screens and USB-C charging and have a smaller notch.

They could do all of this in one year, in a super phone. They’d sell a ton of those super phones for that one year. But then no one would buy iPhones for several years. So that’s why they do this, to keep people coming back for more iPhones every year. Its great money.

So we know that next year’s supposed to be hardware redesigned with the new screen sizes. The potential of USB-C charging, faster screens, smaller notches, like the whole iPhone family is supposed to be redesigned next year.

See, for me as much as I like this camera, and as much as I like this phone, it actually surprised me. I feel like it did a fantastic job in what they delivered for a third-year product. I will still wait, as much as I like this camera. It’s not enough for me to switch over to this. Because I know that if I buy this phone, I hold on for three-four years.

For me, I will wait for the iPhone 12, because I know that one will be awesome.

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