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Dell XPS 15 7590 – The Perfect Laptop?

Dell XPS 15 7590

This is the all-new Dell XPS 15 the 7590 model although you wouldn’t really know just by looking at it from the outside. It’s nearly identical to last year’s one. The only way I can tell is that you’ve got the webcam on the top bezel now. Also my old one has loads of grease marks on the palm rest.

So, I’ve gone for pretty much the top spec model of the new Dell with a 4k OLED screen. Core i9 processor 32GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and the gtx 1650 graphics card. I also bought the non OLED version, the LCD one, because why buy one when you can get two for twice the price.

There’s definitely a feeling of, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I mean this is now the fourth year we’ve had the same or near enough the same design. Same keyboard, same touchpad, same ports, including an SD card reader HDMI. The good news is they have moved that webcam. It’s no longer looking up your nose, it’s on the top bezel in a normal place not down there at the bottom.

If you’re doing lots of video conferencing, Skype calls and obviously Dell XPS 15 has fixed pretty much the biggest design issue we’ve all had. That is good to see there’s still no Windows Hello face unlock, but you do get a finger pointing me to built-in to the power button, which is pretty handy. So, a fresh new look or maybe a bigger touchpad would have been nice but I still think it looks good. It still got an understated premium feel to it, and it is still incredibly compact for a 15-inch laptop. But, most importantly I still think the keyboard and the touchpad are among the best out there.

The big upgrades this year on Dell XPS 15 aside from the webcam, are the new ninth gen processors and gtx 1650 graphics. That’s up from the 1050 TI last year and I’ve graded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip which actually has fixed all my complaints about connection issues from before. Also, we have a new screen option. I’ve always been a big fan of the screens on the XPS laptops, because I know creator laptops like this. You want power, you want Portability and you want a good display. Particularly the 4k one, but now we actually have three options.

You’ve got a matte full HD non touch one, a 4k glossy LCD or a 4k glossy OLED. There’s a brand new OLED entry into the mix, which makes things a little bit trickier when it comes to deciding what model you want of Dell XPS 15. They really are both stunning screens honestly you can’t go wrong with either but the OLED does have significantly better contrast, which means you get much deeper blacks, smoother color gradients. It also handles reflections a little bit better and it’s slightly more color accurate on the DCI p3 color gamut.

Overall it just looks a bit more vivid and eye-catching. The LCD is brighter though it’s got slightly better viewing angles, it also gets the Dell premiere color app pre-installed. Which lets you change color profile, for some reason you just can’t get on the OLED model and it’s also a touchscreen. So, you basically have to ask yourself two questions.

Number one is battery life more important to you than the screen or having a really high res screen? If it is, then you should go for the matte full HD version. Because you get roughly twice the battery. But, I think most people actually should go for the 4k. You get a slightly nicer design, with a flush glass bezel, and it does look stunning. It’s more color accurate, obviously sharper. I love the 4k screen on this.

Then question two is. Should you go for LCD or LED? Well to be honest, I think most people would be better off with the normal LCD. The touch screen is handy and if I’m honest even side-by-side it doesn’t look that much different to the OLED. For me though, the slowly nicer colors and more accurate DCI p3 gamma is nice to have.

So, I’m probably gonna stick with the Dell XPS 15 OLED. Although, we’ll have to wait and see if there long-term burning issue. But so far I’ve not had any problems. A quick tip though, if you are thinking of going for the OLED model, because I was this close to returning it because of screen flickering. It was driving me mad. But the good news is actually there is a quick fix. Just jump into the Intel graphics control panel and turn off display self refresh. That’s literally it, and it completely fixed the flickering issue.

As for battery life, a one-hour YouTube test actually showed no difference between the OLED and the LCD. In fact, an hour of just general use of spotify, google docs, a bit of lightroom, you know normal stuff, used 18%. Both laptops come with windows dark theme enabled by default, as darker backgrounds actually help save battery on the OLED. I’ve been getting about five and a half hours on average, before I needed to find a charger.

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