Before You Buy an iPhone 11 …

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about this phone before Apple’s marketing hit too hard. The iPhone 11 was one of the most heavily leaked phones we saw in 2019. We knew everything about this phone by the middle of the summer. We knew there’s gonna be three phones. A normal one, a big one, and a cheaper one. Same screens, same form factor as last year’s and the year before, that lightning port, and each phone now has an extra camera lens.

The truth is though, that all this talk about hardware is almost irrelevant to the conversation. We know that it’s gonna be an iterative change or an iterative update for the iPhones this year. And it’s gonna be pushed and marketed heavily by Apple. Over the next week or two we’re gonna see a lot of videos on YouTube that talk about how you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 11.

But the hardware is Not bad. It’s actually good, like, objectively speaking, it’s a great iPhone. But because of where the iPhone 11 sit in terms of Apple’s product cycle and how they launch things. It just feels like they’re selling a product, pushing a product that shouldn’t be sold. It really is like a placeholder for next year’s iPhone. See the iPhone 10 from two years ago. Was a fantastic phone as an expensive phone, as one of the first ones to break $1000. But people recognize it as being a solid phone from Apple. The 10s felt like an iterative change with just a camera upgrade.

So, the iPhone 11 with now a two year old body feels even more so. The 20/20 iPhones, the ones coming out next year. Will be an enormous shift in hardware. It’s supposed to be new form factors, including an even smaller one. New screens in display, touch ID use, PC charging and a supposed 5G option. It’s going to be the iPhone upgrade that everyone wants and it’s honestly, the upgrade that people deserve in 2019. Unfortunately, we’re not getting in 2019. We’re gonna get next year.

The other thing is Apple software. I consider it to be the greatest strength from the whole Apple ecosystem. You can run their latest and greatest iOS version on much older hardware. You can run iOS 13 on the iPhone SE. A three and a half year old phone with 2GB of RAM, and it’s stable and smooth, that’s Apple. That’s the real value of Apple’s iPhones right now. To have this cohesive and well-tuned software for the phones. You don’t need to buy it. This is free. Every single modern iPhone gets iOS 13 for free. With Apple’s iPhone battery replacement program. It really feels like a tough sell for these iPhone 11s.

Now, here’s the thing. If it was any other brand, like Samsung, Google or just any other phone brand selling. This iterative change, like they have on the iPhone 11s, would have been a marketing nightmare. It’d, have been like the toughest thing to do. But Apple is Apple. They are so good at marketing these things, they’re so good at making you want things that you shouldn’t want. These phones will sell, and it kills me knowing that so many people are gonna be spending some serious money on these phones.

So, if you’re an iPhone user, and I’m Not saying you should switch to Android. I’m saying: take a step back, look at all the moving pieces here and think to yourself: is this a phone you should purchase? And it’s not about them releasing a new phone. Next year there’s, always a new iPhone. It’s, a combination of how good the next year’s phone will be and just how insignificant the changes are this year.

If you buy an iPhone 11 this year. I think you’re getting bamboozled because you’re gonna want the iPhone 12, whatever they call it. Next year, you’re gonna be spending money twice.

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