Google couldn’t come up with the name of a desert that starts with Q. They’re just calling the latest version of Android, Android 10. If you have a pixel device, you probably have the option to update. As of yesterday, Android 10 brings with it flashy new icons and animations improved performance and security. A true system-wide dark mode finally, as well as new features like, live caption, which can play subtitles on any video content on your phone. Does that mean they’re just listening to everything you watch? Wow Google, you just never cease to amaze, do you.

It also brings iPhone like swipe gestures for navigation, if you’re into that sort of thing. So, there’s no doubt, more to be found under the hood, including an experimental desktop mode in the developer options. That can be used with an external display. I personally can’t wait to play around with it. But I’ve got to because I use a Galaxy Note 10, so I get Android 10 whenever Samsung gets around to it.

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